Floral Series

Welcome to the Parade of Flowers! In August I created a floral series of 6”x6” mixed media and collage pieces. Flowers have always brought me joy and are a theme in many of my works. There is a language to flowers that conveys happiness and positivity. I wanted each of these pieces to represent positive affirmations. I received many affirmative suggestions from followers which I have used to title each small work. I hope the spirit in which these were created resonates with you. Visit the SusanHurwitchArt Store on ETSY for purchase information.

Option 4-Love
Option 5-Courage  SOLD
Option 6-Bold
Option 7-Peace
Option 8-Friendship
Option 9-Wonder
Option 1-Gratitude
Option 2-Kindness
Option 3-Humility
Option 10-Motivation-SOLD
Option 11-Energy-SOLD
Option 12-Empowerment-SOLD
Option 16-Comfort-SOLD
Option 17-Splendor
Option 18-Hope
Option 19-Optimism
Option 20-Innoncence
Option 21-Imagination
Option 22-Shine
Option 23-Strength
Option 24-Radiance
Option 25-Calm
Option 26-Serenity
Option 27-Compassion
Option 13-Creativity
Option 14-Artistry
Option 15-Sincereity

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